Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach)

Product Overview
Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is a solution made from reacting chlorine with a sodium hydroxide solution. These two reactants are the major co-products from most chlor-alkali cells. Sodium hypochlorite has a variety of uses and is an excellent disinfectant/antimicrobial agent. Sodium Hypochlorite is commonly known as bleach. Household bleach sold for use in laundering clothes is a 3-6% of sodium hypochlorite at the time of manufacture. Strength varies from one formulation to another and gradually decreases with time. A 12-15% solution is widely used in drinking and waster water treatment plants for the disinfection of water. Bleach is also commonly used in various consumer products, such as hard surface and bathroom cleansers.

Rowell Chemical Sodium Hypochlorite
Rowell Chemical manufactures sodium hypochlorite to various customer specifications. A full range of strengths and excess alkalinities is available to meet your particular requirements. Typically, Rowell Chemical sells bulk truckloads directly from our manufacturing point but totes, drums and smaller packages are also available. See your Sales Representative for further information and pricing.

Product Stewardship and Safety Training
Rowell Chemical is an active member of The Chlorine Institute. The Chlorine Institute Inc. (CI) founded in 1924, is a technical trade association of companies that are involved in the safe production, distribution and use of chlorine, sodium and potassium hydroxides and sodium hypochlorite, and the distribution and use of hydrogen chloride. CI has developed a manual for sodium hypochlorite users and a safety video for users and handlers of the chemical, as well as various safety and technical documents. These products can be ordered and/or downloaded on CI’s website ( Rowell’s technical staff will also provide on-site safety training for customers, or can provide resources from our of Safe handling pamphlets, videos and DVD’s.

Technical Information
Chemical Abstract Search (CAS) Number – 7681-52-9
UN (Placard) Designation – UN 1791
Hazard Class - Corrosive

SDS Rowell GHS Sodium Hypochlorite 15% SDS

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